6 Important Steps To Lose Weight

So most of us at some point in our life have had those discouraging feelings towards failing to rebalance our nutrition to feel healthy, have more energy whilst losing weight. Let me be clear, reaching your healthy weight or just shredding some unwanted body fat takes time and there are no shortcuts. These six steps will definitely help you achieve you weight loss goal:

1-Eat More Proteins

Protein-rich foods are highly recognised to support you along your weight loss journey. A high protein intake improves body compositions to lose body fat whilst sparing lean muscle tissue.  In addition, protein contributes to the growth or maintenance of muscle mass. Adequate quantity and quality of skeletal muscle mass are vital for overall health and function. 

2-Avoid Processed Food

Processed food are considered very unhealthy as they contain added fats and they are considered high in added sugars and added salt to compensate for their tasteless nature.  These types of food are not natural and they have been engineered by multinational corporations to please our senses and are likely to bolster addictive-like eating habits.

3-Be Mindful When Shopping - Stock Up On Healthy Food

The more unhealthy food you buy in the supermarket the more difficult it would be for you to have a healthy diet at home. Eating behaviours are highly dictated by the type of food you have at home, avoid taking shortcuts when it comes to eating and make an effort to slowly differentiate your diet by cooking more vegetables, lean white meat with high level of proteins and fibres to boost your metabolism.

4-Avoid Carbonated Drinks

There is a strong evidence based consensus in the scientific community the carbonated drinks are quite harmful to your overall health as they are full of added sugars, additives and artificial sweeteners.  Not only that, but according to a study recently published by the University of Bangor in England, a regular intake of carbonated drinks can actually slow the metabolisms in the human body.  This is because cells in our body are fooled to think that our body is well stocked up in energy, hence affecting how our metabolisms react in need of energy. 


Exercising remains the king in the jungle when it comes to losing weight while feeling more energised.  Remember to start slowly at your own pace to avowing quitting right away.  You need to ease yourself in and fully embrace the benefits of having a more active lifestyle.  Your body is a perfect machine and, if you exercise regularly, it will not crave junk food but those key nutrients needed to fuel a healthy body. Imagine craving some healthy meal instead of junk food, this is what happened after exercising.  Your motivation, and self-confidence will skyrocket, so will your capacity to choose the right type of food as a result.

6-Eat more often but better and reduce portion size

I know this may be counterintuitive but eating more often (5/6) per day can lead to great weight loss results.  Make sure though that you eat healthy food and snacks to manage your cravings during the day.  So for instance; have a healthy breakfast packed with proteins, eat a few fruits before lunch to minimise your chances of making bad decisions when really hungry.  After a few hours either have more fruits or change things up with some protein bars and finally remember to have a light healthy dinner of around 700 calories so that your digestive system can process everything before going to bed.

Taking up these new habits may be daunting or unsustainable if you have been feeding your body with processed food or you just can’t control cravings.  Do little by little, pick a bad habit you want to change and work towards it.  Once successful, then tackle another bad habit.  Remember it is not a sprint race but a marathon, you are working towards rebalancing your nutrition to achieve long term sustainable results.  Good luck!!

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