What should every man do when it comes to his daily skincare regimen?

Use a Facial Cleanser

You may have gotten used to using regular bar soap, but that isn’t doing your skin any good. Bar soaps can contain harsh detergents that aren’t meant for the face. They can also disrupt your skin’s pH balance and strip it of beneficial oils. Choose a facial cleanser that can target excess oil, thoroughly remove dirt, oil, sweat, debris and provide much needed hydration. Look for formulas that do not contain sulphates or parabens, but do contain antioxidant vitamins and Aloe Vera for added hydration.

Start Exfoliating

Due to the thickness of a man’s skin, exfoliation is necessary and can be done more frequently than a woman. Scrub away that dead skin build-up on a regular basis, which will help clear out your pores and ease the frequency of white and blackheads.

Skip the Aftershave

Most post-shave products contain alcohol, hence the burning and stinging effect when applied to the skin. It’s time to ditch those irritating products because they just aren’t healthy for your skin. They can cause dead skin cell build-up, which causes hair strands to get trapped in the skin, leading to ingrown hairs and irritation. Invest in an antioxidant-rich facial skin toner that is alcohol-free to help soothe the skin post-shaving.

Apply Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen every day before going outdoors is especially important for men. Men tend to spend more time outdoors than women and are more exposed to environmental factors. There’s also a greater risk of incidental sun exposure just from walking the dog, doing a bit of garden work or simply driving a car (the sun’s rays can penetrate through glass). So, men should always apply a moisturiser containing SPF 30 sunscreen to help fend off the signs of aging.

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